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Color stories by Studio by the Tracks, a non-profit center for adults with autism.  All works are for sale and benefit both the artists and the Studio. We invite you to stop by the museum to see and purchase one of these unique works of art.

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First Friday Reception
April 5th, 2024

artwork & prices

We are currently only taking CASH or CHECKS. Checks must be written to Studio by the Tracks.

Artist Statement

Studio By The Tracks (SBTT) is a community arts studio serving artists on the autism spectrum.  The Studio provides opportunities for social connection and creative expression in a supportive, inclusive environment with all materials and instruction offered at no cost to  Studio Artists. All the work in Color Stories originates from our core adult programming, serving more than 50 artists weekly in the Birmingham area.


Communication in the Studio happens in many different ways–as many ways as there are people in the room. But in a space dedicated to visual art, color is a common vocabulary. And in a community of artists, if not the world, colors tell stories. The works in Color Stories speak to the many ways color functions for our artists and their practice. At SBTT in particular, the community studio space has evolved to support neurodiverse makers and artists on the autism spectrum for whom traditional speech and language may be processed differently.


Some SBTT artists create worlds and then color them, while others build entire worlds of color itself. Some favorite hues are stalwart and act like anchors for the artists. Some preferences change like the seasons or emerge as trends, creating serendipitous connections across the studio community. This phenomenon speaks to a dynamic conversation between individual artistic expression and collective influences, exemplifying how artists may draw inspiration from each other in addition to broader cultural movements. It is our hope that you, as the viewer, take something from each piece – each color, each juxtaposition and interplay – and that you see color stories emerging in your own life.

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