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All That Remains

John Oles


As a maker of objects, Oles believes that truth and insight into our own human nature can be revealed to us through the practice and process of cheating with our hands. Oles believes in the power of the handmade object to communicate with people, on a subconscious level, the fragility and intimacy of the temporal moment. These contemplative objects reference the relationship of the body to landscape, both real and artificial, to create an environment for introspection. The intimate scale of these pieces invite you subconsciously familiar.

JUNE 2 - July

Exhibit Gallery

About The Exhibit

The pieces in this exhibition are touch stones to memories from Oles travels to Iceland, southern France, and Japan. Much of this work can be read as a Love Letter to porcelain and the way the material is able to so gracefully and willingly capture the slightest gesture or mark and create a record of that moment made permanent by the fire of kiln. Presented here is the synthesis of his early influences of Japanese tea ware, Chinese Song Dynasty porcelain, and the Sodeisha group of artists, along with his interest in contemporary design and Minimalism,

Although the ceramic language of glaze has been mostly eschewed, save for the juxtaposition if the occasional pale blue celadon, the kiln was fired carefully to produce the slightest variations of tone on the raw porcelain.

With visual noise removed, the interplay of Light and Shadow, Form and Memory are all that remain.

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