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Spirits And Symbols

Hilary Blackwood


Working with a variety of media including acrylic, ink, and pencil, Hilary creates work that is rooted in myth and the subconscious. Inspired by myths, illuminated manuscripts, and medieval art forms. Hilary uses geometric shapes and patterns to explore timelessness in art. Hilary often uses reclaimed and damaged materials to create art that is at once old and new. This process allows new works that evoke the past and the weathering of time and the meditative repetition of forms also allows for a flow state in which time seems to cease in existence; in essence, getting lost in the world.

August 4th - October 27th

Exhibit Gallery

About The Exhibit

In the works featuring figurative elements, Hilary explores twists on stories, myths, and the experiences of being human. The older stories and myths that inspired these works often tell us greater truths about ourselves and by regaining these stories through painting allows for a greater understanding of the stories.

Art is timeless. The human drive to create is timeless. Anonymous works reach down through the ages but at some point, in the distant past, a hand created that work. It catches our eye and we wonder. The work you see here is following that long tradition of someone inspired to create and hopefully to cause someone to pause and look. And to wonder.

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