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Gina Brown


GINA BROWN is a fine artist living in Glencoe, AL. She has been chosen as a Signature member of the American Impressionist Society and is represented by Shain Gallery in Charlotte, NC, and Beverly McNeil Gallery
in Birmingham, AL.

First Friday Reception
mARCH 1, 2024

Exhibit Gallery

Artist Statement

What inspires me to paint: My family and friends. The landscape — not
just the beauty I see, but the way a place sounds, the air I breathe in
and smell, the way it makes me feel. A good book, poem, or song. Flowers
and animals. The smell of oil paint and the way a long-handled
paintbrush feels in my hand.

If you look closely at my work, you’ll see imperfections. Sometimes my
art looks unfinished. I embrace it. I paint loosely and simply, and I
want my paintings to offer a quiet pause to the viewer.

I have always loved to draw and paint, and I was encouraged by my
parents and grandmother at an early age to pursue art. Before I began
painting full time, I dreamed of a verse in scripture, “Aspire to live a
quiet life, to mind your own business, and to work with your own hands.”
I didn’t really know how that verse would come to impact my life and art
as much as it has. I’m a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, working
with my hands for His glory, not mine. I hope to bring others closer to
Him through this gift of art.

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