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Caylee Cooper


I question definition in search for meaning. Terse, though I am, and utterly frightened of human contact and connection, therein lies my contradiction to seek it wholeheartedly: to
achieve learning and understanding, to connect in response to our disconnection from the fear-
based system we exist within.

August 4th - September 27th

Exhibit Gallery

Artist Statement

Introductions, if I may... Fear, I know too well from our frequent conversations and
debates... Steadfast friends one might say. It is through Fear, I met Perspective... Siblings
possessing many a guise. Fear, I have determined, is a primal connector in Humanity, and Fear
of Death, a profound, quiet link; I daresay an iron chain... Death, our ending... Death, a
perspective of perception... Death, a fearsome, lurking mystery. While my own incognizance
overwhelms me with terror, what beauty is ultimately beheld in my curiousities. I challenge
perception of such obsession through figurative personification, in charades of haunted imagery,
visual narratives, and themes of mythos, occultism, religion, and symbolism. At what time do we
choose to be okay, as society defines it, with not being okay? When do we converse? When do
we judge such action, and why? As seeker, catalyst, messenger, and painter, I challenge thee to
pay heed to thy senses... breathe them in, listen, see, feel, taste, ponder... Allow thy senses to
perceive the Alarum.

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