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Patterns and Perceptions

Carol Hill

Carol Hill Art Works 4.jpg

I am fascinated by the beauty of natural forms. Much of my inspiration comes from the patterns and designa found in shells, the organic lines of nature such as seed pods, leaves and flowers, and the geometry of rock formations. I use acrylic paint and multimedia composition to create the symmetry, design, and organic form arrangement in my current work.

First Friday Reception
October 6th


Exhibit Gallery

Artist Statement

The result is a fusion of colors, patterns, and shapes that blur the boundaries between the familiar and the mysterious. Through the juxtaposition of pattern and organic shape, my goal is to create a sense of wonder and a connection with the world around us.

I strive for my art to serve as evidence of the beauty and complexity of the natural world by exploring it's intricate patterns and designs. I aspire to create a sense of harmony between the organic and inorganic. The combination of colors, patterns, and shapes in my work is a reflection of the diversity and richness of this awe-inspiring world.

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