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Graphic Cubes

Pink Funeral

Autumn Baugh

Pink Funeral is the exploration of identities surrounding mortality and emotion and how they each associate with color. Pink, green, blue, and yellow all have individual identities specific to our own experiences. What is a sad color? What is a happy color? What color best describes your mental state? What color do you most closely identify with your parent’s divorce when you were 9?

Colors evoke a type of catastrophic and chaotic emotion, completely unpredictable. Some colors remind us of the time we were only as tall as our grandparent’s hips as they chased behind us, struggling to catch up. Another color may remind us of the time we sobbed in silence in our cars as rain taunted our windows after the loss of a loved one. Meanwhile, some colors make us cherish the sun and remind us of how lucky we are after having to endure a natural disaster, while another color may make us reminisce about the time we first met the love of our lives. Colors have become representations of milestones in my life and upon seeing them, an amazing token of impermanence.


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Design | Autumn Baugh

Each day we collectively choose to ignore our reminders of mortality, neglecting that one day our short lives will end and that our existence as we know it will blow away in the wind, meaning our names, eventually, will all be forgotten. We choose to ignore these grim reminders of death because of our tendency for self-preservation and hero archetypes, telling ourselves that we have a divine destiny or prophecy to fulfill. Does the idea of having some type of destiny give us a purpose or most likely a reason to live? A reason to be excited for the future, perhaps? What if we discovered the meaning of life and it had no meaning?

Faces of those whom I love surround you, reader, in colors I have very specifically chosen for each individual. Fun, excitement, and curiosity envelop the room as we discuss things like death and despair... but everything is pink. Cute, right?

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