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Barbie's Dreamhouse

Ali Hval


Barbie's Dreamhouse presents a playfully pink space composed of glittering objects inspired by clothing and home decor. Upon closer inspection of these frilly and sparkling works, more sinister and restrictive undertones are revealed. The works exhibited reflect current political struggles regarding women in the United States as well as ways in which the female body is critiqued.

First Friday Reception
December 1, 2023

Exhibit Gallery

Artist Statement

Growing up in the southern US, I quickly learned there was a certain expectation of how to "properly" be a woman: now, I challenge what that looks like using performed femininity as a tool to reveal not only gender disparities, but also to illuminate the relentless critique and politicization of the female body. Instead of hiding or denying femme aesthetics and female sexuality, my pieces embrace, highlight, and empower then, while acknowledging all the awkwardness, humor, and theatricality they entail.

The work in this exhibition is flirtatious, attention-seeking, and deceptively superficial. Toying with their own actualities and potential, they can speak - glittery and powerful - to politics in their own voice: excessive, unabashedly hyper-feminine, and most importantly,


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