Shaun Roberts

Archetypes and Eternal Stories


The opening reception is on First Friday, October 7th from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Using allegorical and mythological motifs incorporated with drama and pathos, Shaun explores timeless narratives in his paintings. He is not interested in the whims of the time but looks to cultures and canonized beauties of the past. Like a Renaissance painter or Hellenistic sculptor, Shaun works in a mythological landscape and develops archetypal images. Shaun explores sentimentality and sensuality in his paintings, intending to create a cathartic moment between the viewer and subject, whether it be love, death or an eternal sunset. Shaun has been in several group and solo exhibitions spanning over 19 states, including First Street Gallery (NY.), Southern Mississippi Museum of Art, and Eastern Kentucky University, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas TX. Gadsden Museum of Art, AL.



I have always admired great painters and storytellers, specifically how works made hundreds or thousands of years in the past still hold such powerful meaning and influence over me. Perhaps this is what led me to become a painter. Much like my influences, I strive to bring a timeless narrative filled with pathos, sentimentality, and sensuality to my work. In this group of paintings, I work in a mythological landscape incorporating allegorical stories drawing from my own experiences and imagery familiar to me from growing up in the rural East Texas countryside.

I employ various techniques and methods in my paintings to construct realism. The goal is not a photographic representation but to convey a visceral moment that feels like a lived experience. I observe, adapt, and combine approaches that I find in the great works of masters stretching from Hellenistic Greece to the Baroque periods. I am not concerned with every detail but rather a hierarchy of focus. For example, I paint clearer
where I want the viewer to look, while in other areas, I blur to various degrees of the peripheral, much like the human eye works. I am not painting a picture but a moment in motion, a story, or a dream.